Be warned, I am used to controlling men both psychologically and physically.  I know how to use my beauty, strength and force of will to get whatever I desire, from whomever I chose to get it from!  I believe Professional Domination to be the perfect extension of My personality, and the ideal vehicle to release My Sadistic/Dominant  nature. It is a rare opportunity to be allowed to serve a Dominatrix such as Myself.  I spend several hours daily exercising,  preparing My  body to be the perfect temple for your worship or the ultimate tool of punishment for your disobedience! I am exceptionally gifted in understanding the human psyche and have an amazing ability to intuit the true needs of My submissive no matter how painful or humiliating. Unlike many Professional Dominatrices I do not dislike men, or hate spending time with My subjects. I know how to find the proper place and use for each and every one of you, always under My strict supervision and control.

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